How does the bad start work? It wants to confuse a person, to suggest to him that he has already sinned and fallen from his step... So it was with Khava, she touched the fetus, and the serpent suggested to her that she had already crossed the line, had already crossed the line of what was permitted, so there was nothing more to lose ... . This is what Rabbi Nachman constantly talks about: the evil inclination desires not so much sin as sadness from it! Why? 1) A person feels as if the Almighty has left him, put him in a situation in which he cannot but sin, and in general, waved his hand at him .... And since he does not see the face of the Creator, and sees only evil... Then advice and thoughts are sent to him now only from a bad beginning. 2) In a state of sadness, one cannot make the right decision! Truth is what leads to truth! And if, thanks to sadness, impulsiveness, you continue to sin, this is not the truth! The Almighty does not require you to be like an angel and not sin at all. Your task is to avoid sin, and if you stumble - first understand that you are falling, and take measures to stop the fall. How to stop falling? First realize that you are attacked by a bad inclination! It is foolish to think: how am I to blame for the fact that I twisted my leg, and now I am falling down the stairs ... Grab the railing first, then you'll think! There is also an even greater chance that you have not sinned! As was the case with Chava: touching the fetus .. is not a sin ..! A person sometimes feels that a lot of bad qualities are awakening in him, and he thinks that he has deteriorated ... although it was a snake attack ... . And after such an attack, the snake leaves the person so that the person will be punished for His choice! And a person thinks that he himself caused this attack by his own actions, and falls into sadness, and continues to sin out of impulsiveness ... Because there is also such a voice: "well, you have already sinned, and the Creator is now very angry with you, so for now you can finish your game, and then repent before the Creator ...". Although it is at this moment that the Creator shows great love for a person, at the moment of a difficult trial, in order to give him an invaluable reward! And so at the moment of testing, we should be encouraged that this is an opportunity to pass the test, and receive a great reward! So don't be sad at all!