Rav Arusha says that one woman from Haifa, had serious problems in the family, for many years she suffered severely from her husband. She came to me and told me about all that she had to endure her husband - the real meal, which can not be described. I told her that she needed daily for half an hour to thank for that of the Creator. She did so. It was a simple, pure woman. Every day, she thanked God for all bestowed upon her difficulties and sufferings, and received them with love. Eventually she divorced her husband and left alone with children.

One of her close friends, who took an active part in this business, he knew that she consulted with me, and that I advised her. He also wanted to learn gratitude, however, when he saw that she eventually divorced and left alone with children without any help and support, he wondered, if necessary.

Why it ended this way: Rabbi woman obeyed, did as he said, why, instead of family life improved, she finally was upset and now she was left alone with the children? As a result of this relative he was angry with me and on the doctrine of gratitude and threw the case.

However, in fact, although it seems that things went wrong, we do not know and can not know what is really good and what is bad. This divorced woman knew that her divorce - a real miracle, that God finally freed her from the agony and suffering. So she continued to sincerely thank the Creator. Time passed, and despite the fact that she was divorced with kids, she managed to find a wonderful husband. Thanks to Creator she married a gentle, kind man; they have a wonderful marriage, he is very fond of her children from her first marriage.

When he found a woman relative who is having doubts and questions, he realized it, that "Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it will take only a certain Lord," the Most High rules the world, so that in the end everything turned out for the better. He also realized that all this happened thanks to the perseverance women every day for half an hour thanks to the Creator sent down for her suffering.

Relative I realized that I was wrong. He came to me to ask for forgiveness and said, "Dear Rabbi, I must admit that after the divorce, relatives, I was very angry at you and completely abandoned the deal of gratitude. I said to myself: here she thanks God for half an hour a day, and that's all she had gone awry. But today, when I see it, with God's help, not only to get rid of her first husband, who was a monster, but found such a wonderful man who loves her and her children, I come to ask forgiveness. I am ashamed that I doubted your teaching. Now I finally understand what is the power of gratitude and what true faith. "

What was confusing this Jew? In fact, he believed that the problem must be solved and the only way seems right to him. He was not ready to accept the Creator's will and recognize that he knows best what is good and bad, that only He knows what to do.

However, thanks to - the key moment when man inclines his mind the wisdom of the Creator and humbly said: "Thank you! In the world there is no evil! ". Moreover, if it becomes worse, you need to thank the more and sincere. For there is no "worse" or "worse" - do not do any harm, and we need to thank for everything.


Only God decides how much each person to suffer. However, how sensitive to the suffering, the man himself decides. Because the one who truly believes, never suffers.

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