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Mamtak le Shabbat - Vayechi

ממתק לשבת - פרשת ויחי - תשע"ח


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One Israeli was driving once in the afternoon on Yom Shishi (Friday) on the highway in America. And so, during his visit, he suddenly saw the car standing on the sidelines with the included emergency lights, open the hood and beside her stood a man with a stack of color. He slowed down, less than an hour comes to the Sabbath, and here, in the middle of the road, stands a Jew, and no one to help him. He slid onto the shoulder, turned back up and went to his car on the roadside to help to a Jew. He immediately set to work, fortunately it is a little versed in cars, quickly able to understand what the problem is and fix it, I closed the hood and shaking hands with the guy said, "Shabbat shalom." The guy looked surprised at him and says, "for What?" That Guth Shabes "told him the Israelis, but the guy told him."? "." I'm sorry, but I do not understand what you say you are a Jew, "Then the Israelis asked him." "and he replied" no time making a pile on your head, "- said his Israeli guy smiled and said." "."? and ... it's ... it's something that my grandmother gave me before my death and said that every time when you need help - put on it, and I promise you that you will help immediately. Today is the first time I have experienced - and worked. I put it on his head, and you will almost immediately came to help me ... "

In our Parsha - Vayechi - we read of the patriarch Jacob who gathers his sons and wants to bless them before his death. The most logical on his part would be to gather all and bless them "to have a good job, health, welfare ..." all the blessings of all. But Jacob did differently, he told them to come together and at the same time gave everyone his special blessing.

Thus Jacob wants to convey a message to his sons, I want you all to be together, united. And without a shadow of a doubt, I would like to,


to the blessing that each of you has received, it has spread to all of you. But I want you to also remember that to be together, do not mean to be similar to each other (Ahdut se le ahidut), this does not mean that you should all be the same. In-sevyshny he gave each of us personally, a special gift that is meant to him. And the blessing is that each of us was able to realize that special capacity that it laid down, and with all this, he must implement it in such a way to benefit from this implementation, the people around him.

Jacob said: "I will bless each of you individually, but you" pull yourself together, and I will tell you "- be together, always remember that your strength lies in unity, the only way you will ensure that every blessing spread to other the only way you get to be one united people.

Let there be a desire to T-vortsa so that we can be worthy to look around and always see correctly, to determine where and how we can realize the gift that Gd has given each of us to benefit also to others, and merit our efforts, we can not only lead to the unity of the people, but also to a full and final release in speed today.

Amen 😊 Shabbat Shalom!


Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DY0f3mIzpKU

Violinist Itzhak Perelman, one of the best violinists in the world ill with polio as a child and since then can only move with the help of crutches. In November 1995, he performed at a concert in New York in front of thousands of audience. At the outset, one of the strings of his violin broke. All spectators froze in frustration and anticipation of what now


will be. He will bring a new violin, or bring a new string? But Isaac closed his eyes and signaled the conductor, so he went to the place where they left off. The orchestra continued, also Isaac continued exactly at the place where he stopped. Viewers saw how he improvises, saw how he tries, but in reality, his performance was at the same level, and, perhaps, even better than before the broken string. The joy that he felt was very special. An hour later, with the beginning of the performance, all the audience stood up and began the stormy aplodistmenty. Isaac raised his bow and gave everyone a sign to sit on their seats, and then he turned to the audience and said, Hashem gives each of us what he was supposed to, and our task (wisdom) is to get the most out of what we given.

The Parsha we read about the blessings that the patriarch Jacob gives to each of his sons. He begins with the phrase: "Get together" - he invites all to come, but then gives each of his personal blessing. Initially, it seems more correct if Jacob called all and gave all the together all the blessings. Why divide to one to give such a blessing, and each other?

To understand this, it is necessary to understand the term "blessing" - explained in Hasidism that blessing (Bracha) from the word amsah (attraction, המשכה) - descent from a high place down, the descent of the higher worlds in our world. As it is written in the Torah "

24: 11. And on his knees put camels "(ויברך ...- yavreh - the same

root that bracha) - and the significance of this is due to the fact that Eleazar, when he came to woo Rebecca, camels dropped to his knees. Blessing symbolizes the descent (attraction) of abundance, which is located in the upper worlds, to make it manifest in this world of ours.

Forefather Jacob, who saw special potential and abundance of each tribe, to each of his sons, gave everyone exactly what he needs. In the end, says the commentator Rashi, all the blessings that he has given to each of them, fulfilled also for all of them.

When one realizes the potential and considers it necessary to share the fruits of this realization with others, in this case, all awarded to feel the effects of all blessings.

And this is what we need to learn the following: each of us has his own special potential that Gd has given us. And if each of us would take its capacity, he realizes it, and share the fruits of this realization with others, so we can qualify for all the blessings.

Let it be the desire of the Most High, so that we feel worthy of all the blessings in the first place the blessing that was rebuilt Third Temple and the coming of the Messiah, as well as full and speedy deliverance!

Amen 😊

Shabbat Shalom! Translation: Uri Golberg :)