The study of Kabbalah has a number of striking effects. Including these..

1. Kabbalah puts everything upside down. More precisely the opposite. This is Alma de Shikra, This World of Lies is upside down. And Kabbalah returns it to a normal position in the perception of a person.

2. The small is great, and the great is the lower, the higher his greatness. The one who has learned and realized and felt only one lesson is already a Superman. After all, the bulk of the people are generally "out of the game" and do not want to join this "game". But the greater the spiritual value of a person, the lower he is in his own eyes and the more severely he judges himself. And "in Heaven they agree with him." But on the other hand, the commandments fulfilled by him are much more significant.

3. Kabbalah is the theater of one Actor. Creator. Unlike Nistar, in Torat Emet, the scenery from events and pseudo-forces does not interfere with the "show off" the Creator.