An interesting fact: secular societies, by "spiritual food" or even spirituality itself, understand art. Daubing on canvases, extracting sounds, scribbling, acting like pea jesters ..

Meanwhile, art is one of the highest forms of egoistic desires. In our case, the desire for self-realization. It is not for nothing that people of art are often self-centered, prone to whims, scandals and unhealthy shocking beyond the bounds of decency. They are even ready to spread ridiculous rumors about themselves - just to be heard (this is already a mixture of a craving for self-expression and a thirst for fame. And given the commercialization of art, it is also mixed with a passion for money-grubbing. But that's not all. The sexual promiscuity of the "servants of the muse" is a parable in tongues). That is, in the secular scale of values, self-expression is second only to the desire for knowledge, as if including all the lower forms. It should be noted that this secular scale is "one head" shorter than the scale of values of a believer (in a good sense) for whom the desire to merge with the Creator (ie the desire for true spirituality) is higher than knowledge. Thus, thanks to this shift - art (i.e. self-expression) for the believer is knowledge! Torato - omanuto (His teaching is his skill / craft / art). Which essence is the art of worship, so rare at all times (compared to the dominant egoistic art - pornography and art - idolatry).

PS It is worth developing an idea. If the art of self-expression of a believer is cognition, then cognition for him is the Cognition of the Creator (in Hebrew - a synonym for fusion).