Weekly Tzav by Rav Yitzchak Zilber

Chapter "Tzav" ( "Command") details the description of the sacrifices, so listed in it commandments addressed mainly to the kohanim. The chapter contains two important provisions for them every morning to remove the ashes from the altar, and the maintenance of ever-burning fire. In addition to daily sacrifices made by the community, the chapter mentioned three kinds of sacrifice. Two of them concern only priests: beginners serve as kohanim are required to bring a special flour sacrifice of dedication, and the priests to gadol - the high priest - must bear the same sacrifice for themselves on a daily basis. The third chapter described the victim applies to all Jews: everyone got rid of danger is obliged to bring a thank offering - a kind of sludge victim. The chapter describes the laws concerning the eating of the meat of the victim. This ban has it after a specified time or in an unspecified place and eat some of the blood and animal fat. The last two relate to ban not only the sacrifices, but every Jew in general food. They are included in the rules of kashrut. The chapter concludes with a description of the ceremony and the sacrifices that Moses prepared Aharon and his sons for the upcoming them to the service of the Temple.

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