Against detractors

Known fact that at different times, we ourselves (the Jews), blasphemed and persecuted Maimonides pursued Hasidism in general and the hub "D in particular did not escape this fate as RAMHA." Ai, and Rabbi Nachman. Back in the early 20 th century in the EI beaten and expelled breslevskih Hasidim. We take them to the Turkish army. Read the autobiography r.Odessera ...

And now, in our time? And in our time the whole Jewish world will recognize all of the above as a neot'emlemuyu part of the Jewish teachings. And many simply do not recognize, and taught.

Why did it happen so? Because our people are gradually matured and grown to understanding and acceptance.

But, alas, history repeats itself. Now often it is attacked the doctrine of the greatest mekubalya (gilgul Ariza "la) Rabbi Yehuda Leib Alevi Ashlag (Baal Azul), or as it is also called -. Hasidut midline and Doctrine Sulyam.

To my great chagrin, sometimes people with good and (in all senses) competent allow abusive replica address Sulyam teachings and his followers (ashlagerov, sulyamistov). Even sometimes skips such an abomination as obzyvatelstvo sect separated from the Jewish teachings. And people have little understanding of Judaism, generally identify Sulyam with such odious personality as Laitman and Berg.

What can I say to that? Ashamed gentlemen detractors. It does not matter it's the greatest scientists, and your trouble misunderstanding. While you are not to blame for the fact that while the Creator closes on you this knowledge. Creator knows better.

Well, we will not allow ourselves to be rude in return. After all, our Rabbeinu himself almost no one criticized and others are not told. And we follow the precepts of our Rav.

PS Sulyam attracts people who have grown "stone" level Domem deKdusha (grassroots religious masses). This is the way of those who want to be with the Creator, not the crowd. But at the same time wanting to fall in love with each of his fellow Jews.

P.S.2. The mystery of coming to live Kabbalah is that these are people with great yetzer. We can say - perverse people. But they are aware of their depravity, and are eager to get rid of it. How to get rid of without the most powerful drugs - Kabbalah? Yes way. So come ..


Peace and understanding to all!