Events in the spiritual worlds are related to the events in the materiality of the card and the terrain. Spiritually, all creation begins with the first cut (Tzimtzum Aleph - the courts, the refusal to enjoy the light and the left line in the material all the work (the path to return to the Creator) starts with strict limitations It also left the line....

Said right arm (the Creator) closer, while the left pushes. But why, then right again? If we stand face to face with someone, our left hand is in front of his right hand. And our right in front of his left. Of course this is a conditional comparison as no organs of the body are not inherent in the Creator.

When the right hand of the Creator brings us, we feel pleasure and lifting. Then we "fed" - and we do not need the Creator (the feelings). And His Light also not necessary - as if we refuse to receive it. This Court (remoteness from Him) and the left line. But when his left arm pushes - awakens in us the desire to be close (from a sense of emptiness, alienation and rejected). The desire to have a vessel for the Light of the Creator. And this right line (excuse consent to enjoy).

They say that when the soul comes back to a better world, it first of all ask: why are you a little prayer? In other words, "Why do not you like the Creator of Light"?