A logical and provocative question often arises: why teach about the commandments associated with the Temple and in particular about sacrifices? After all, there is no Temple now, and if it appears tomorrow, then what do I care about all this? After all, the technical side will fall on the Coens! And in general - the Third Temple (disclosure of Ohr Yechid) does not imply such a correction as Korbanot ..

Answer. It is irrelevant to emphasize material descriptions. But each commandment has its own spiritual root that requires our comprehension. Although Nachmanides argued that all the commandments, without exception, belong to the category of Huqim (not comprehensible by the human mind). However, Nachmanides lived until the time of Arizal. That is, he did not belong to the generations of sages who were rewarded with the highest revelation of the Secrets of the Torah.

So there is no reason not to learn.