It is said that the two commandments prolong days. This respect for parents and drive away the birds from the nest (before taking the egg). But why, then, the young man died immediately, who performed both at once? (To show respect to his father, who commanded him to get an egg and drove the bird away from the nest. And you can not say that "his days be prolonged at least for a moment"). That's because the "extension of days," perhaps under the condition that there is no danger. And do not listen to his father, who asks not to break the law and put their lives in danger, how much in vain!


Hohmit (Hebrew. Wisdom) (חכמה) = Vi Koah (כח מ"ה) (M Power "A). Step M "And Seder Ishtalshelut (" Evolution of the Universe "- free translation) - This fixes (" male ") attribute Peace Correction (Atsilyut)," place "Ohr Hochma - Light Objectives And Shema Yisrael (Hear O Israel) (שמע ישראל. ) = Sam and (yin) Yashar (le) El (Please look (literally - his eye). Gd) in other words, "come to the goal" - receiving light of the objective in the garb of Light Corrections.

Echad (One) (אחד) - is Alef Hat (אח) plus Dalet (ד). Or gematria - 9 plus 4, where 9 - nine Sephiroth is broadcasting a light to the fourth stage (Malchut Sephira).