For those who ask where did the Kosher Social Network go and what is JewHeart?

Initially, we created a Kosher social network (as much as possible on the Internet).., then, taking into account the requests of many people, we developed filters that allow JewHeart users to choose which network they want to communicate on themselves :)

The Kosher Social Network option is toggled on and off in the JewHeart settings.

By the way, I remind you that if you enable the Kosher Network option, only profiles of the same gender as the user will be available (for example, only men if the user is male ...) as well as only content that is related to Torah lessons.

If the Kosher Network option is disabled, then all profiles are open - regardless of the gender of the user and the content is more extensive (not only about Torah, but also about Zionism, politics, films, science ...)