Christians have such a thesis - "New Israel". Say, after the incident with the man from Nazareth, the Jews lost the right to carry the banner of Divine Revelation, and they were replaced by "New Israel" - people who believed in the Christian doctrine.

I think that the attitude of the Jews to such interpretations is quite understandable. Therefore, I will not repeat myself, voicing my position. It is much more interesting to see where the "legs grow from."

And they grow from Kabbalah. They are Kabbalah, but trampled and misunderstood. Grain that fell on the wrong soil.

(however, according to Rambam, both Christianity and Islam have an important positive role - to bring to the world the very idea of monotheism, of the One Gd).

So what is Kabbalistic in our plot?

Kabbalah teaches that Israel is Yashar leEl (those who imagine the features of Hebrew writing will easily understand). Yashar leEl means Directly to God.

The Partzuf Knesset Yisrael (the Gathering of the Souls of Israel) has four levels - Cohanim (Chochma), Levites (Bina), Israelites (Tiferet/Zeir Anpin) and Hera (Malchut). Yes, that's the trouble - we do not know in whom what kind of soul "sits". Figuratively speaking, there can be a High Priest-a Jew by blood and a goy by spirit and a non-Jew by blood, in which the Jewish soul (requiring a special tikkun, called conversion). So - with a high degree of probability we can say that those who are drawn to the (correct) spiritual are the carriers of the soul of Yashar leEl. Even if they are pygmies by nationality. And vice versa - a native Jewish materialist, in fact a goy in a Jewish body. Or even a religious Jew who keeps the commandments only for his own interest (to receive the blessings of this and the world to come) can also carry a non-Jewish soul.

But of course this view was seriously distorted within the "subsidiary".



1. The spiritual is not a synonym for esotericism, mysticism, witchcraft and other nonsense.

2. It is no coincidence that in our time, many people of the peoples of the world have developed a craving for Kabbalah. It's hard for me to say whether this is an intellectual interest or a spiritual desire, but the process is underway. And when a Vessel is formed (in this case, a need), Light must fill it.