I would like to share some reflections concerning my travel with the Lord. I wouldn't be controversial or to condem others, or to show fanatism or anything like that.

My date of Teshuvá is near the 2009, this was the date I thought to pass rightly to Jewism, so I toke Brit Shalom and then Hashem called me to others tasks.

I toke Teshuvá in Tojnit Hajzaráh (a Jewish Ministry related to Bnei Tzion) and toke Brit Shalom too there.

I didn't ask for Semijá but I toke care of Venezuelan Bnei Anusim believers for years with Tojnit Hajzaráh till I give to myself a time to question my work.

During this period I was able to rethink the rabbinical authority and to go profound into Tanaj myself.

I don't consider myself an ortodox karaite, as long as I'm pretty liberal on my observance of Toráh, but certainly I'm a karaite today or better: a Bnei Mikra.