CURE "cripples" ..

Deficient (Hisaronü) is a human growth engine. According to the rule, "the left hand pushes and pulls the right." In itself, this lack of a sense of makeup clips, but without it is impossible to desire the rise. A man does not ask questions (or the all clear, or did not understand) - it stands on the site. But the questions that arise when a lack of understanding of the human make-reaching.

Take a person who is not strapped in something and quite available. This high level. But when he begins to learn Torah, it resets it to the stage, creating and / or exposing the shortage. Lack of understanding, lack of righteousness and so on. And in fact it makes him a villain, accusing the Creator in their own shortages.

But along with this, there is a desire to make up for the fuel shortage. It returns to the level of the Righteous man, as such, the one who makes them to become. And so continues the cycle of ups and downs, until the soul is metered make it work.

Examples of such a course of action and management can serve as breaking of the vessels, "sin" of Adam, the fall of kings and sages, and our with you fall too. However, we must firmly keep in mind the fact that all this is only good.

But that's where the contrary should be satisfied with the available and not to run after the completion of shortage - so it is in matters of material.