Suffering, mental anguish and so forth - it is sublime level to which to grow and grow. After all, the "normative" man does not survive on what is in the bestial state, in the "mode" of the animal, who knows how to speak. Though it has a human face and brain development, but living only instinctual needs.

I have heard such a thing. The "waiting room" of the spiritual world, which they say have experienced clinical death - see only 20% thereof. After all, the majority of the soul is not interesting. So it is possible to "see" but emptiness, where the material is not?

(I have heard different stories from people who have taken this and despite some common features of experiences, each showing a picture of Christian saw "terrible judgment" and the Apostles, Hindu carried on a white cow, etc. As they say -.. And every go for the "gods" his).

Not in the world a single book written by the deceased. All that gave us books to comprehend - the essence is their lifetime experiences and feelings. The Garden of Eden, Purgatory-Geinom and so on. It says only that the man (as opposed to human-animal) is able to "see" (ie, to feel, to understand) the spiritual reality.