Another typical example of the effect of "printing and print" in the understanding of Jewish religious literature. Recall that different levels of understanding identical in shape (i.e., the same word), but opposite in mirror display (a value meaning).

Consider a small episode in the long history of slavery in Egypt. The one in which Jews Pharaoh loads extra work. Not only to produce bricks, but also to produce raw materials (straw - "porridge") for their production.

1. The simple meaning: the Jews were charged hard work, that there was no time and effort to think about the global and high things. And no there is not a single word about the spiritual.

2. The inner meaning: a person in spiritual bondage (Klipot - the desire to receive for myself), do not give difficulties (cereals - Cauchy) in the spirit, so that he did not make efforts to overcome them, and obviously was unable to get out of power Qliphoth . And no there is not a single word about the material.

As we can see - the antithesis. But the most important and decisive factor is the inner meaning. Other only "code", "mask", or, in the best case derivative "branch".