(Author: Eli Lapid)

Tanach is perceived by many as a history book, while this tutorial comprehension Spirituality. What gives rise to unnecessary disputes with supporters of the scientific inquisition, which give simple assumptions of the hypothesis and artifacts - for the facts.

Let's take for example, take the simple phrase, "And Noah 600 years old at the time" (before the Flood). What a difference to us, how old he was?

In fact, in the "Noah" Zohar explains what it means. 6 - is the achievement of all six Sefirot of ZA (Adam was created in the image and likeness of the Creator Disclosures Face souls of the righteous, called Partzuf ZA World Atsilyut).

And what hundreds? Five spiritual levels (and sub-levels and sublevels sublevels, and so on ad infinitum) have a numerical expression of:

Keter / Yechidah - units

Funny / Haya - dozens

Bean / Neshama - hundreds

ZA / Ruach - thousands

Malchut / Nefesh - tens of thousands

(Here, by the way, another verse from the Tanakh - "Saul broke his thousands, and David - tens of thousands" At first glance -. The story again, the number of those killed by them in wars plishtim, but in fact, Shaul refers to Sefirat Yesod ZA (which unites in itself all its light to transmit in Malchut), and accordingly, is a type of Mashiach ben Yosef, hence the "thousands"; David represents Malchut, and is a type of Mashiach ben David, here - "tens of thousands").

We go back to Noah. 600 years indicates that it has reached stage ZA Bina (6 hundreds).

It was at this level was Adam before the fall.

The fact that there is a process called "recovery in the global and Shower". Raising before Shabbat begins, and Adam just in time to "fit" into it, rising to Bina, and then decided to fix everything at once, and the rest fell.

Therefore, humanity, happened to Adam after the fall, was doomed because it is deposited in his spiritual genes. From tainted root grown spoiled original plant.

But a new humanity, which took place from Noah, who has reached the highest level of Adam before his fall, despite the long and winding road, will reach full correction - because the foundation he put Noah in a state of supreme righteous.