Excellent question asked Khan Gitl Yerish. The question concerning the weekly Torah portion, the head of Noah.

I quote: "It is written in the Parsha Noach that during the Flood ceased night and day Why, so carefully calculated chronologically, all phases of the flood After all, in fact, time has stood still.?".


The thing is that we are two different way to say "layer" concept of time - physical and spiritual. Physical time not disappeared anywhere. Went himself and went. But hidden (spiritual) meaning of "passage of time" - is causal (spiritual) changes. When any change is - say that the "clock is ticking". When there is such - "time stood still".


As an example, let us consider in the most-the most general terms the concept of Day and Night. Day is getting light of the objective, Night - having only light Corrections. And there is no reference here to the physical time of day.