Jewish philosophy speaks of two kinds of creation - Yesh Yesh E (something from the available) and Yesh Mi Ein (something out of nothing). Sulyam doctrine explains these things in the following manner:

1. Something of Light is available (ie good) stemming from the divine essence. God (Wh in its manifestation, called the Creator *) perfect, full of everything and does not lack anything. That is all light or all the benefits already contained in Him and simply translated into the universe;

2. But something out of nothing - is the desire to receive the Light / goods that are not inherent in the Creator **. Because he (it) has it all, so what he want to get? And most importantly by whom? After all, "Ein od milvado" - in a global sense, there is nothing besides Him. The desire to receive the Light is the root of creation. This desire depends on two parameters: the knowledge of what you wish and feel the lack of it. It is impossible to desire what you do not know and does not want to have a well-fed. The desire to receive is finally formed still Infinite (Ein Sof) to the first cut in the sefira Malhut ***. This is the stage preceding the creation of concealment and shower (which is a consequence of the desire to receive) and therefore we are unable to control their desires ****.


* Divine essence is incomprehensible, but we can feel it displays for us. One such manifestation is subsistence creator;

** On the one hand it is said that He has no lack of something, and the other says that he has no desire to receive. How to resolve this contradiction? As follows: is not inherent, but created. And not for the Him and to creatures. In the Divine Reality there is no time, all edinomomentno there, but we perceive processes both stretched in time;

*** Tzimtzum Aleph in Hebrew. Refusal of pleasure Light, under the influence of this same light, inspiring a desire to be like the Creator in the absence of the will to receive;

**** We can not control neither the desire nor the more intent. Changing them entirely in the power of the Creator. However, like everything else. But formally, "switch" as it is tied to a measure of the effort to create, in fact, a bunch of "work-the result of" broken in spirit. Otherwise, we would be doomed to eternal, a fatal self-interest in all our actions. Even in "charitable".