Torah teach about the cities of refuge * for involuntary murderers. Man inadvertently killed another is not subject to penalty. And that would not have caught krovomstitel (a relative of the deceased), he has to hide in one of Irey Miclat - a city of refuge. And stay there bezvylazno, is still alive High Priest, who was at that time.

This legislation has a very interesting parallel. Masach (Screen) - reaction force desire to receive for its own sake, it is a city of refuge. Consider how this is happening.

This Masach is only for those who have already reached the spiritual level (but absent in those who are still in the preparatory stage, not to mention those who do not seek anywhere). You find it in two ways:

1. By way of hard work over itself. And it would be a deliberate "murder" of egoism;

2. Use the Power of Overcoming, which have Rava (with a capital - ie the one who has spiritual attainment). And it can be likened to manslaughter Ego **.

It is known from the words Kabbalah wise, that can use the second embodiment only as long as alive Rav. In this sense, it is identical to the high priest, only if the life which could have an involuntary killer hiding from the avenger *** in Vault City (read under the Masach Rava).


The heads of Maceió, Mishpatim and Vaethanan. A chapter Shoftim Torah says that the number of shelters will increase when "we will obey the Creator and get all our land in the possession of" ****. Obey the Creator - is "corrected". Get all the earth - "to clear all vessels", because the land of Israel (or rather its different parts), indicate the different worlds of Purity. The more work, the more resistance to selfishness and the more power we have to Overcome;

** But why so? Yes, because he did not want to / can not kill a selfishness, but hit the "orbit" of the Righteous;

*** Who is the avenger and from any place to hide a fugitive? This is a bad start, striving again to bring us back under the rule of selfishness;

**** In this, there is another deep Kabbalistic meaning. According to the Arizal, at the end of general fixes, those who do not keep up will be corrected by the Torah, will be "forced" correcting the path of suffering. This will cause a lot of accidents, disasters, and so on. Accordingly, the number of involuntary murderers will increase and they will need more shelters.