The desire is called a vessel, and its execution Light. The desire to get something due solely to the lack of it. Eliminating the lack of (wish fulfillment) - eliminates the desire. In other words, light destroys vessel. Thus, the material world (material deemed to be received) doomed to destruction at the time of its creation.

But what of the creatures, because their souls are considered to be eternal and indestructible? Is always remain unmet? In any case, otherwise it would have been hell with eternal torment (dissatisfaction, lack of - is suffering). And the ultimate injustice is not inherent in the Fair - as it is possible to be tormented forever, even if the crimes were temporary?

In fact, there is a way to get pleasure so that it does not lead to destruction. This method - enjoy the benefits. This is called a correction. Preparation of a root Giving - is considered the spiritual (and therefore eternal) rather than material (temporary).


In the category of Infinity "to" Act of Creation, the Light (filling) and the vessel (the desire of the Creator to delight your creation) come together *. And it is impossible to understand our mind. It is written, "He and His name one."

But the state of Infinity "after" correction of Creation, says nothing - "He is one and His name one." This indicates that the receiving vessel is corrected way, is not destroyed.

* Because of creation "then" do not exist, except in the plan.