Implicit "EVIL"

This topic is very complex, not only for the perception and acceptance of the "heart", but also for the intellectual awareness. However, we can not escape from it. Please pay attention to the fact that the word "evil" here and below is in quotes ..

Prelude. Creator brings only good. But he himself has created "evil" and he feeds his existence (yes and the Holocaust, too). The Great Law provides: creation can not get the "evil" clearly (and "direct") from the Creator. Because otherwise I would have hated his Creator, rather than to love. Creator would consider low and vicious. So he "hides behind the circumstances."

Where is it written in the Torah? Or at least have a hint? Answer: at least two episodes.

1. When Abraham "arguing" with God Sodom and Amora, admonishing him that people would find it unfair.

2. During the wanderings of the Jews in the desert. . When they are once again "is angry with the Creator," and he "wanted to destroy them, Moses gives the following counter-argument: what will people say?

How does this mechanism work? Try to understand. Let's say a person has suffered from robbers / rapists / murderers. These scum - no more than a stick in the hands of God. No, there are no penalties - there is a painful correction. But this is not the heavens opened, and does not protrude out the avenging hand. Acts of God clothed in the circumstances. People have suffered from the disaster or man-made disaster - the same thing. All these hardships - only screen. He died of natural causes - died of something (cancer, stroke, gangrene, old age) - God is hidden behind the physiological processes.

All this gives us a reprieve. As long as we blame the circumstances, we have time to correct. Although any charge someone / something is also an accusation against the Creator, but very veiled ...