MERCY for Merciful

And the Lord has remembered Sarah ... (Chapter Vayera, Genesis 21: 1).

Comments RUSH "And the Torah puts it in close proximity (with the previous narration of the story of Abimelech) to teach you: when someone asks mercy for his neighbor, himself in need of the same, (which asks for the other), then They answered him, at the beginning (ie, primarily to meet his requests in relation to himself Tractate Bava Kama, 92...) it is written. "and Abraham prayed to Gd ..." (Genesis 20: 17), and after that "The Lord has remembered Sarah" - has remembered before being healed Abimelech "commemorated Sarah" - this is about the conception..


One day the wife of Baal aSulyama complained to her husband: look at other admorov! They have wealth, and we have nothing .. (Baal Sulyam desperate need no furniture, and sometimes there was no food Sometimes he wrote in the margin of the newspaper or tissue paper -.. Money on ordinary writing paper was not enough).

Baal said Azul as follows: * admoram to other students come to ask the blessing on Mount Parnassus (prosperity). They (these admory) pray for the welfare of his Hasidim and Hashem gives and himself above all. My students also come for the approach to God, the Creator of the disclosure cases ...


We, ordinary people is difficult to understand how it is possible to put the good of the spiritual above the material benefits. After all spiritual good we did not feel the "here and now". This is the same, why Esau gave up blessing. And it's like junk food - we prefer it a useful food because junk food is generally very tasty, but the damage is not felt immediately by it. However righteous prefer the spiritual material - because they see the advantage of the first.



* Admo "p - short for" adoneynu, Moraine in-Rabbeinu "-" our master, teacher and rabbi "Honorary title of the head of Hasidic court..