Many well-known that the biblical story: at the direction of God, Abraham leads his son Yitzhak (Isaac) to the slaughter, but at the last moment comes miraculous escape. Usually the story is called "the sacrifice of Isaac."

In fact, the name "Akedat Yitzhak" - Binding of Isaac. And it has nothing to do with human casualties (Judaism considers them almost the worst abomination).

But in the story there is a huge internal sense! In fact, this recipe is a spiritual work. Abraham represents Sephira Khesed (Mercy, right line) and Yitzhak - Sephira HG (strictness, left line). In the inner workings of Mercy shall be binding Austerity, but without destroying it completely. The second explanation: the joy in the ministry takes precedence over self-analysis, but does not eliminate it.

You see the difference between the literal and inner understanding?