One of the central places in Judaism - the 613 commandments of the Torah and observance. What are the commandments? For purification of Aviut (bukv.Tolschi - Selfishness, to use the modern term). Hananiah said Ben Akasha - multiplied Gd commands to clear Israel.

(Note: Israel - Yisrael in Hebrew, which can also be read as "Yashar Lehel - directly to Gd").

The amazing thing: gematria (the sum of the numerical values of the Hebrew letters letters) of the word Torah - 611 commandments and 613 .. not converge?

The great sages of the Jewish people have said that the basic principle of the Torah - "Do not do to others what you would not like yourself." And yet, that "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." But everything else - comments ..

Where is the "hide" the difference between the two units between 611 and 613? If a person does for the sake of the Creator's 611 commandments - he receives a 612-th - "high thrill" or Yirat Schamayim Hebrew. It's not like fear, as soon as possible to compare with the fear of upsetting someone very close. Finally, after the commandments of Awe, a person receives and 613th commandment - Aavat Hashem - the love of the Creator, which is unthinkable without love for all His creatures. This love is eternal and does not depend on any circumstances. It is the Torah.

(Note: on the steps of love and that is the fulfillment of the commandments for the sake of the Creator - talk another time, SBP a separate big topic.).

The question arises: what if you do not keep the commandments? Please you and at the same time, distressed. Hell and eternal damnation does not exist. But there is a path of suffering. From gilgulya in gilgul, one coming into the world, to the other. And so while suffering will not lead to clarification and correction. After all, no soul will not disappear, but is obliged to pass all the fixes.

There is another question. How you can perform all the commandments, if there is no temple (part of the commandments is feasible only in it)? How can a woman perform a purely male commandments (eg circumcision)? And so on. Answer: someone has invented a motor, and we are all now use cars. The merit of our own, in our past incarnations.