Fathers and Sons

(Based on the book SLAVE "Sha Schlawe Sulyam).

Father called the effort, and the son of the result of this effort. It is a consequence of human actions called good deeds. Good work is called to give pleasure to the Creator, as it says in the Psalms (Tehillim 45): "Rustles my heart - the good deeds that I have spoken to the king."

Those. man wants all his cases were for the sake of the Creator, and then it is called "good deeds."

In this section, the commandment to give birth to sons (as a whole is "Be fruitful and multiply") on a new shine. And now it is not surprising that it is given .. man, not a woman! After the return (referred to as a good deed) appears on a spiritual level, referred to as the Man.

It also becomes clear why it is said that "childless as if dead." A man without impact - qualitatively separated (opposite) from the Life of Lives. So he is dead in the spiritual sense.