Sgula (plural Sgulot from Mesugal (fit, able)) - in the representation of wide circles veruyushih it certain actions or objects that can by exposing the spiritual worlds to change some aspects of our material and spiritual life for the better.

And it dostochno contentious and controversial issue. Firstly it is extremely difficult to distinguish Sgulu from superstition and even "magic". Secondly belief in intermediaries, to put it mildly is at odds with the principles of Judaism. Finally, in the third - if we believe that they themselves know "the best", it means trying to "davayt tips to God," thus showing his distrust of power, wisdom and justice.

In distributing Sgulot no surprise. Obscurantist number of people who desire to achieve a result at all costs, or achieve a much smaller effort. For the trees to see the forest - it was conceived as paganism, belief in the existence of One Creator, in the Gods. 2000 years of hard expulsion of the Jews from the Land of Israel, Judaism unfortunately picked up Minhagim Shtut (stupid customs) and non-Jewish superstitions. I would not like to give examples so as not to cause the parties to the dispute.

Supporters of faith in the power Sgulot may argue and say great sages gave / Recommend Sgulot. The fact that the Birkat Tzadik irrelevant. And now we'll talk about it.

Firstly righteous man knows exactly what a man can have right now - this is what it should be. Moreover, this is the best for spiritual development. Though can be painful in our physical reality. Secondly, the righteous man will not give blessing, if it does not have permission from Above. And if you say for sure - he does not, and "translates" bracha, if you have permission to do so. It gives the only Creator. Third, Just One blessing is calculated on the causal relationships (in the spirit), but not in time within the material.

Anyone who studies the Inner Torah knows that the average person is too small to affect the spiritual realm. After all, the lower is called not all in a row, not the "ants" of this world, and the Righteous. A middle-styled righteous those who have risen high, but have not yet reached the highest level.

The moral of the story is this: a very tempting to get a quick result, do not use force. But it does not happen - because the effort is the universal currency of the universe.