(SLAVE 'W, from the book Schlawe Sulyam)

Donation is called faith, as it is written about Abraham, "and believe in the Creator, and he score? Donation". And since faith is called a handout, we can already realize the importance of the donation is not in its usual sense, but what it points to the faith.

And what is faith related to property donations? We see that the one who gives alms to the poor, does not hope that the poor returns and pay him something in return for alms, that gave him. And in the case of donations given secretly, much less think to get anything in return. Thus, only it called the donation that is made without any impact.

It turns out that the belief that we should take on, should be without any benefit to themselves. This means that he must believe in the greatness of the Creator, the greatness that is the language of the Zohar is called "For him, the Great and conquer."

And there should be the slightest idea that it accepts the "heavens power" to use this to get from him some reward. On the contrary, all of it in order to bestow. And because the name is called faith a "donation" to explain to us, in what form should our faith that we take on.