WORK circumcision

(Based on the book SLAVE "Sha Schlawe Sulyam)

The book Genesis (18: 1), chapter Weyer read, and it has revealed himself (Abraham) Lord Elon Mamre; and he sat in the tent door.

Commentators explain that it was after Abraham was circumcised. He was worried that no longer will it work. Says the Midrash Rabbah: Abraham said: before I was circumcised, came to see me going and returning, as well as the circumcised - not coming to me.

In the aspect of the inner workings of "circumcision" is to cut off the three Klipot. That is, Abraham said to the circumcision procedure of his work was such that he always came to him and distancing the state closer to the Creator, that is, he had thought, alienates him from the Creator, and then came the return of the state to the Creator. Those. to the circumcision procedure works it was that had been thought, alienates him from the Creator, and then there was a place to work on the approximation of the Creator. And now, after circumcision, no place is remote and approximation, and hence, no place to run.

Then the Creator told him - do not suffer because of this, because in the end your work was the work of people "uncircumcised." That is your job was not purely altruistic, as is not circumcised, that is, do not cancel your selfishness. And now do not be upset that there is no work of the kind. Because then I had a job to the human kind and sublime, but on the other hand, this work has been outside, because they were uncircumcised your desires. And now, after circumcision, there is equivalence of form between us.