Blessing and birthright

(On Sidra Toldos)

Bracha - a Blessing in Hebrew. Behor - birthright. Pronunciation is different, and the letters are one and the same - a bet, Reish, halfpipe and hey.

Esau coveted birthright. In this context, it is GA "P (Gimel Rishonim - 3 Upper Sephiroth) He wanted Ohr Hochma (Light Objectives), but .. without clothing in Hassadim (Light recoil Corrections) This guaranteed breaking of the vessels (Shevirat Akela) -.. The situation wherein light obtained selfish objectives for themselves.

Jacob - on the contrary. He wanted to Blessing. Is the "T (Zayin tahtonim - 7 lower Sefirot), where so far only shines Hassadim That is Yaakov wanted light of the objective in corrected vessels, vestments Light returns..

In fact, Jacob is the "T (Achoraim -" buttocks ".) - the lower level of the Partzuf Yaakov / Yisrael, his Katnut (small state) that has only 7 Sephiroth Later, he will receive the name of Israel and corresponds Gadlyut (most of) where use all the 10 Sefirot of the Partzuf.

And the wives he had two (Leah and Rachel) and two concubines. This two females and the "service" part Partsufin, by appropriate design of Jacob / Israel. This diagram of the structure of the Jewish people.

After all, only Jacob was not enough. Katin Eino Molid (the child does not give birth) - a small state does not continue the chain.


When the Torah speaks of finding Jacob / Israel within the Land of Israel, she calls him Israel. And outside the country - Yaakov. Here Land of Israel - a reference to the world of Correction Atsilyut. It is a large State - Israel. When the structure of the "falls" from there - it's small condition - Jacob.