(Based on the book Rabash Schlawe Sulyam)

Is written in The Zohar ( "Toldos" Article 53, paragraphs 122-124.). "Rabbi Elazar said." Happy is the man whose strength and confidence in the Creator 'confidence, this may be similar to the one that was at Hananiah, Michael, and Azariah (abandoned in the oven), claimed that, of course, the Creator will save them from the fire. But it is not so, because if you do not save them, and do not join with them, is it not blessed name of the Creator in their eyes? so when they learned that uttered inappropriate words, they were corrected and told that regardless of whether the Creator will save them or not, they will worship Him and not His shadow - that is, to Himself, not their own ideas about how it should be.

Therefore, a person should not be confident that the Creator will save him or make him something specific, but the fact that the Creator will help him as the Creator sees fit (ie optimal). Even if it hurts.

The fact is that anyone who wants to follow the path of truth, the one who strives to do things just for the sake of the Creator, that is, only in order to bestow, and in any case, not for its own sake, such a person must believe that the Creator is better than he knows what give him and what not to give. Therefore, a person should not be important, it is in what condition.

After all, what happens to us and around us, this is exactly the optimal state (coming from the Thought of Creation), which is supposed to be. And if our spiritual development need carrots - carrots are. But if a whip - so send a whip.