Embellish yourself ...

Decided (Sefira) Malhut embellish themselves become like his Creator.


1. embellish themselves. At the Ein Sof (able to produce unlimited) Malchut, called the Vessel and the desire was already beautiful. That is, was the perfect recipient that is fully consistent with the stage of the Universe. So what she lacked?

2. decided to embellish themselves, become like the Creator. But she decided not to, and under the influence of light, the second function of which is to influence the intentions. A first feature - fill the container.

And what will be like the Creator? Non-receipt. As he does not get (because all he has them), and she decided not to receive. And stop to enjoy the light, but the light did not disappear (this is similar to how we close our eyes). This is called Tzimtzum Aleph - The First Cut.

3. However, the non-receipt is not the purpose of the universe. And absolutely no Light can not be there. Therefore, the first correction of Malchut made, called Masach (screen). I make calculations on how much can get in order to maintain its existence, and how much you need to take away, so as not to get to yourself. And use this tool at all stages of the universe, down to our world. After all, its Malchut there at every step.

4. And become like his Creator by the fact that she acted as a created, giving rise to all the other stages of the Seder Ishtalshelut (Evolution of the Universe).

5. But she did it all. Actually - all made the Creator. But the love of the created, He inspired them with a sense of choice, to think that they themselves produce steps to future pleasure was not poisoned by a sense of shame for the gratis bread.