About censure

Ask a question - can you blame others? The answer to this question depends on how, when, and how important motivation to say a word of criticism.

Most often we see ourselves in the other, as in a mirror. In fact reproved themselves, their weaknesses that irritate us. But at the same time, our goal is unconscious, driving us to censure and rebuke others - is banal desire to look favorably on the person against whom we abuse their "omit".

Nekashernaya Another reason for our criticism is envy and jealousy. And as a consequence - the desire to humiliate the opponent, specify it so that it has lost public confidence and has not achieved its objectives.

Go ahead. There is criticism that wearing a mask of good will to help one's neighbor. But this is nothing more than self-interest of the game. We are alleged to be wise and righteous and from their heights we want to correct and instruct others - small and insignificant. But one can not fix uncorrected other - their deficiencies tend smeshivayuisya and multiply.

But what is kosher criticism? Firstly he who criticizes must be a man of the highest spiritual level. Moreover, its true purpose should be to help object of criticism. This is similar to how parents scolded the child, wanting only him well - that he had learned to behave in different situations, in order not to have picked up bad habits and habits.