crown of creation

People do not have to be sorry, but they need compassion. After all, what happens to us - rightly so. According to our works. So why feel sorry about justice? But here's the compassion, helping hand, to utter words of comfort - is another matter. Commanded ..

The Torah says that man was created after all other elements of the universe - the still, vegetative and animal nature. Later - it means everything else the universe is the scene with decorations, which are the soul, dressed in costumes of flesh. (I deliberately use the term, not to say "body" and not to confuse the reader. After all, in the language of Kabbalah "body" is the desire to receive, instead of the physical body).

In this section a person above the rest of the universe - in fact it was created exclusively for him (or rather for the shower).

But it is also true that a person below the rest. After all, such as his selfishness has no stone (which wants only to keep its shape *) nor plant nor animal. In this sense, man is more distant from the Creator of all. But only he is able to produce work to remedy **.


* For this reason, the Temple stones are not treated metal tools; and also it is the root cause of the ban sculptures, because creating it, the person causing unwarranted suffering of inanimate nature;

** therefore in the cycle of souls, souls are placed only in person. Otherwise, they could not do anything. And when they say that the soul of a certain embodied in the animal, which means that the level of the animal soul, the animal was placed on the level of another individual.