(From slave labor "Sha)

The Torah (Chapter vayishlach, Genesis 32: 9) says, "..." will be the camp, the remaining saved "Rush." And interpret it this way: "Jacob before his meeting with Esau prepared himself for three things: to the present, to prayer and the war. " So two things apply to Esau - a gift and the war, and one to the Creator - a prayer.

But according to the spiritual work it is explained in such a way that all three things he attributes to the Creator. Baal HaSulam said that when Moses asked, "Show me your glory," replied the Creator: "Here is a place with Me" - stand on this rock "(Exodus 33, 21), and explained that" when I "- in Hebrew written as the IITs of 3 letters: Aleph, Tav, Yod, which means that the initial letters of the words "emunah" - belief, "Tfila" - prayer, "igiya" - force.

This means that in order to be worthy of the greatness of the Creator, we have to believe in a Creator, then have to pray to Him to bring us closer to Him, and then make an effort to make his nature to abandon themselves for the sake of the Creator. And after the perpetrators of these three actions, the Creator receives sensations of importance, and this is the response that got Moses and asked, "Show me your glory."