Nothing ventured ...

(On Sidra vayishlach, using a number of comments SLAVE "Sha).

Is the goal of creation is the correction of creation. The purpose of creation - to bestow upon creation, and all are obliged to come to the state in which won get the pleasure that the Creator seeks to give them, and what created them. Correction of the Creation - to the preparation of enjoyment of creation did not feel a sense of shame, from getting them wrong. And it is the illusion of freedom of choice. A sensation of pleasant or bad management, confuses us and causes a feeling of control reward and punishment.

Even if a person does the Torah mechanically and selfishly, at Domem deKdusha (Stone Holiness) * - it is a great effort. After all, keeping the commandments is in itself difficult. Yes, and the surrounding mock observant country (logically) rituals. But these inconveniences are rewarded in full - a sense of its elevated position on the background of the baseness of other **. And then there is only one danger - to leave the Torah if a long time do not get the expected reward. But there are "crutches" - a community, a society that power over man, forcing him to adhere to adopted beliefs.

Where as hazardous work in two lines (those who "break" there, they are a kind of "cat walking by themselves"). Where is the joy diluted introspection, which reveals our imperfection. After all, you can easily give up, thinking that never attain a quality of merging with the Higher. But the reward disproportionately higher here - knowing the truth about themselves. And faith is above reason, without which it is impossible. After all, the mind never considers for the award that is bitter. But if a person overcomes doubt the mind is by faith above reason, it is the beginning of true spiritual work. And then the risk was justified (and the risk was great, because no "spikes" is not here, but as he is justified -. Because hope remains only on the help of the Creator, and this 100% guarantee).

Hints at this episode in Chapter vayishlach where Jacob wrestled with the angel. Stayed one night (without society - as I said, that he left his mills), he exposed himself ( "night" - the beginning of the spiritual work). In the words of the Torah - he returned to Yabok river. And in the Talmudic tractate Hulin (91) explained: went back to pick up what is forgotten things.

This can be understood as "forgotten things" - the work of the left line (introspection), because until now was only a single line, as if forgetting about the second. "Returned" - then returned to a state of bitterness and darkness ( "night"), which is a consequence of the work on the left line, as well as being the beginning of the spiritual path (as is explained above). And it happened all at "Yabok flow." Name Yabok consists of the letters Yod, bet, Kof. And in a long recording, you can make a word like this: Yod, Ayin, bet, Kof. These are the same letters as the word YIKBA - "install it." Establish that? The order of the spiritual work. Jacob wrestled with an "angel" until the morning, and overcame. That he is defeated logic and material mind and reached the stage of disclosure and correction and did not leave the job. And according to this (two lines) received a second name - Israel (Yashar Lehel -. "Just to Gd) And since attained perfection in the work (the middle line, correction of three lines, which is possible only in the" land of Israel " , ie in the world Atsilyut. after he came back, "clicking" through the flow), then the truth is called Sefira Tifferet, which relates to the middle line (the balance between the right and left).

And there's something to say here about the dislocated Jacob's sciatic nerve (guide-and our Hebrew), bringing Jacob lame and sorry about his lameness. Name Yaakov matter Crafty, Curve, envelopes. In the state of Yaakov, he acts cunning, often fell into the flight (from Esau, from home, from Laban). Jacob greatest righteous man, but for everyone (even the most magnificent level) has its own clip. This Person of Jacob-Israel is not perfect compared to Yashar Leelo and imperfection of this falsehood, which says that it stands on one leg. *** Jacob certainly regrets that level, as explained the above.


* This work is in the same line. And although they say that the right line is preceded by a left, then it is not called the Right. Because as yet there are no other lines, about which we can be right;

** difference between the "in line" and "two lines" is that in the former case, an unpleasant sensation delivers the level of other (not to engage in Torah, "do not do as I do"), and the second - his own level. And this second bitter disproportionately hard, because on the other, we usually do not care. Not something for themselves.

*** word Sheker (lie, falsehood) is made up of tire letters, Kof, Reish, each of which has one "leg". Therefore, it is said that Injustice standing on one leg (unstable or limping). Conversely, True (Emet) consists of a "two-legged" letters - Aleph, Mem, Tav. And talk about it, that it stands on two legs (ie, stable).