Righteousness "AGRICULTURE"

Where to take the assertion that Judaism prefers sedentary zemleleliyu rather than nomadic hunting and gathering, pastoralism?

Here are a few of the dozens of arche-types of the Torah itself.

1. Settled righteous Jacob and Esau nomadic hunter villain;

2. Settled righteous Joseph and the nomad his brothers, who are not so clear;

3. All journeys forefathers considered step lower than the goal of these travels - ie sedentary.

About what it can speak? The transition to a more advanced formation (for agriculture) has been fraught with the emergence of monotheism. In other words, monotheism - progress companion. Or rather the opposite! After all, progress is a side effect of regular spiritual practices, attracting "ambient light". Ohr Makif can not be taken "inside", but can highlight the vessel from the outside. Translation: Light wants to fill the vessel. But if the vessel will take it to yourself - it will break. But Light is stronger than blood vessels, because it belongs to the Creator and to the creation of vessel. Therefore Light "imposes its will" vessels, but having a quality of mercy (as one of the manifestations of qualities incarnation of the Creator), he does not break the vessel, and a little illuminates him, but at the same time teasing selfishness. Education external vessels for this, described as "leather garments", the data may be ashamed of Adam and Eve. Ashamed nevozmozhsti make internal ambient light.

Hence it is clear why the development of systems, societies, etc., Always accompanied by an increase of selfishness and consumption.