Golden Temple and Snake COPPER ..

The entire Torah - The names of the Creator, as it is explained earlier. The Torah describes the universe that are there are various combinations of the Sephiroth.

In the Torah, it is described in detail Temple. His furniture, parts, materials. Is it possible for something to tell us that the temple was complex and ornate structure? Of course not!

Temple described as spiritual design. And to use the description "spiritual language." All of these words (gold, copper, water, fire, etc.) mean spiritual allegory, root things, and not the final form of the material. Try to understand the example of a small fragment.

Explains Baal Azul:

"And those four foundations - fire, wind, water, and dust shall be the supreme essence of the four sides of the world In other words, these are internal properties in the Sephiroth.." And from these four pillars - fire, wind, water and dust, place gold, silver , copper and iron. That is from the Zivug (compounds) of ZA and Malchut in the power of fire, gold comes from the left line. From the Zivug of ZA and Malchut in the water power from the right line there is silver. From the power of the middle line there is copper. And from Malchut when she is without Zivug with ZA, there is iron ... "

What conclusions can be made from here? Temple - a place of the highest holiness. That is our goal - to build confidence (or yourself) Temple. Reading about how to use it in the construction of different materials, we learn which compounds Zivugim (various spiritual elements or processes) to produce, in order to billeting his temple. Within themselves. And all these jewels - just the name of the roots of the phenomena.


Remember the scene from the Torah (Bamidbar chapter Chukat 21: 5-9), where the Jewish people were amazed, "fiery serpents" Saraf? By order of the Creator, Moses builds a bronze serpent Nehushtan (from Nehoshet - copper), looking at that, people were healed. General outline is as follows: fire - an allusion to the Properties Gevura courts. It left line. Bias it deprives the Light - that is "ruining", because without light there is no existence. But the "Copper" - a product of the middle line, which is a correction, called healing.