Kiddush Hashem

(Based on the book SLAVE "Sha Schlawe Sulyam. Comm. On the head vayeshev)

Quote: a lot of people who love their home, go to the army deliberately, knowing from experience that most of the returns from there safe and sound ...

By the way, the mystery of Kiddush Hashem (Sanctification of the Name of the Creator) - it has nothing to do with self-sacrifice in the material. After all, there is not a goal but a means (for example to save someone, sacrificing himself so forth). Kiddush Hashem disproportionately higher, because such samootmena before the Supreme is the goal. Just what happened to Rabbi Akiva - "your whole soul (love * the Creator), even if the Creator takes your soul."

* Love means "justify", that is, believe that even such to the benefit.