Once again delve into the inner (Kabbalistic) meanings of Chanukah and actions made during these days.

The very title of Khan-ka means "stopped for a rest on the 25th of (Kislev)." Rest, relaxation is an allusion to the light of Fa - Ohr Hassadim that Wh is "pleased available".

Villainous Greek kingdom is the logic and rational materialism, which rise up against the Torah - faith above reason. Greeks, defiling the Temple - rationality and self-interest, the crumbling structure of the human spirit.

Eight eight Sefirot spark means - from Malhut to Bina (which transmits light of the objective to the seven lower Sefirot).

Oil - the desire to receive. Wick - an effort. Burning candle - correction of the desire to receive for its own sake.

The number of candles is added in one direction and reverse order of ignition. It is a symbol of the great law of opposites of light and the vessel.

Shamash - candle-servant represents Sefira Hochma. From the Shamash candle set fire to the other, starting with the first - light of the objective through the "altruistka" Bina comes to gradually cleanses the blood vessels. Finally spark ignites a man - it symbolizes masculinity returns.

Jug of oil, sealing, seal of the High Priest and was found enough oil for eight days. Jug of oil - faith above reason. Print - Chesed property, becoming a vessel for light of the objective. Jug was lost - that is, faith above reason is not available logic ( "Greek").

All joyful holiday. Observe traditions consciously, knowing that you follow!