Tefillin (phylacteries) is a "box" with texts from the Torah, which by means of straps, attached to the arm and head praying.

With Tefillin two commandments laying due (LEAN tefillin) - head (shel rosh) and manual (shel poison) tefillin. Lay them in the daytime, every day of the year except Saturdays and holidays. Laying accompanied pronunciation blessings. As Baal Azul wrote, it has a special meaning laying tefillin, together with in tallit and Cover the pronunciation Declaration Shema Yisrael.

The sanctity tfilin obliges to remove them, going to the toilet and fasting in the case of them falling to the ground or floor. It takes off Tefillin after praying, but in some communities preserved the custom of the whole day walking around with tefillin. Besides the usual tefillin, there tefillin Rabbeinu Tam. But that is another topic.

And we'll talk about some of the Kabbalistic meanings of tefillin. Head Tefillin consists of 4 offices for the scrolls. These offices are called bytes (House). The hand Tefillin is only one branch. This is interpreted as follows: Head (Roche) - potential calculation comprising 4 Behina (Keter Chochmah, Bina ZA) and hand (as part of the body) it is practical effect, consisting of a single "resultant" Sefirat Malhut. Actually Malchut is the vessel, and the rest belongs to the light.

Tefillin impose on his left hand - a symbol of the "binding" of the left (properties HG - Ships restrictions). Seven turns around the arm - the seven lower sefirot undergoing correction. Three turns around the palm of your hand - a symbol of the three highest Sephiroth and correction of the three lines. Three turns around the middle finger - three higher Sefirot midline. Nodes Tefillin - a reference to the letter Yod (gematria 10), identified with the root (Keter). A tip of the strap is passed under the laces on his hands - a symbol of "handouts" Qliphoth (as "mayim ahronim" after a meal with bread). Its meaning is that while we are not corrected and not found altruism, can not completely destroy the ego. After all, it does not exist without desire.