STAFF and snakes

It is written in the Torah (Exodus 4: 2-4): And the LORD said unto him, What is this in your hand? And he said: The staff. And He said, Throw it on the ground. And he threw it on the ground, and he became a serpent, and Moses fled from it.


Decipher? It is a question of faith above reason. Staff, in Hebrew, "mate", a word related to the word "mat" - the bottom. In our world, valued knowledge, logic, rationalism. And faith in our contempt and feelings at the bottom of most important for us. Very good if a person starts ispytovat bitterness from lack of faith - it means he has a vessel of holiness, which requires filling. And here it is important not to interrupt the spiritual desire material enjoyment.

Moses throws his staff on the ground. Land (Land) means desire (Ratzon), in this case the material. If the "down to earth" the Torah, it will become a poisonous snake to man.

And .. the same "effect" is obtained if one materializes (in their perception) spiritual concepts. Understand the Torah literally, looking for historical confirmation of the Exodus, pull the processes in our being and is considered "the stages of deliverance." The result will be the same - leaving at random.

And like Moses, had to run from it ..