Proverbs Baal aSulyama

Every day his father gave the rod (small coin) to his son. After all, he wanted to do good. Once sentimental father and inflamed it even more intense love for his son! And he gave him five coins at once! The son was happy and content. And more than ever thanked her father and feel his closeness to him.

But the next day the father gave his son as usual one coin. And that hour has disappeared thanks to the son of his father, and affection for him. Conversely blazed anger and resentment at his father's son. Since excessive getting good results in the long-run.


Compare this with another example. Often lotto win poor people. Suddenly received a benefit (for which he has no vessels) man begins to overspend, indulge in all serious, and more than ever descends into the abyss of poverty and debt ...