From the point of view of Kabbalah, the entire universe is divided into 4 levels:

- Domem (inanimate nature);

- Tsameah (flora);

- High (animals);

- Medaber (literally speaker -. Ie people).

Such a division, with the abbreviation DaTsH "aM constructed on a 4-step scheme, in which each step corresponds to the letters of the unspeakable name I must say that this scheme can be seen in many of the universe components -. 4 seasons, 4 aggregate states of substances, 4 types of character and so on. a very important point - in accordance with Rule mutual inclusion, all 4 components are present in everything, in one form or another example in human desires Domem -.. physiological desires Tsameah - enrichment, High - power and honor, Medaber - self-realization and knowledge. The higher the desire, the more it is selfish and the great work of purification must be carried out.

But back to the actual animal. For each pair of eyes hidden soul. Kabbalah speaks of the presence of souls in animals. Man and Animals constitute Panim step (Person), - the upper part Partzufim unlike Achoraim (buttocks) - lower-stage consisting of plant and inanimate. In animals, there is individuality, but there is no self-interest - because they are driven by instincts (which is why in the spiritual worlds, they correspond to the Angels - ie processes deprived of his will). Unlike man, they kill only from hunger or defensively. In the case of animals there is a ban, "Zaar baal Chaim" - to cause them suffering. Therefore, even kosher slaughter is done in a quick and minimally painful way.

Animals are divided into kosher and nekashernyh. First minority, and they can be eaten. Say mammals include 2 kosher feature: the presence of a bifurcated hoof (artiodactyl) and chewing gum (ruminants). Among kosher birds are considered to be non-predatory. And among the fish - with scales and fins. All these signs are deep Kabbalistic interpretation of which the SBP can talk in other articles. *

Now, a little bit of fantasy. TANA "X does not say anything about aliens, but does not deny the possibility of their existence. Most likely because we were not concerned that information. But if we assume that there is life on other planets, it simply has to include a 4-speed. For this the scheme applies to all Creation.


There are different approaches to the content of the domestic animals in the environment of religious Jews - such as cats and dogs. By adoption, a complete rejection. Personally, my family and I are very fond of animals and keep the house 2 dogs, a few cats, a parrot and hamster. My wife is working with various charitable organizations involved in assistance to animals. In any case, the most important principle is that no matter how you treat animals and to their content at home, do not be cruel to them. Help beings and compassion towards them - a very good and pleasing to God.



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For those who want to help animals giving site link Israeli charity organization "My Best Friend (aHaver aTov Shelly)"