Asked a very interesting question: Hanukkah candles symbolize wisdom, but why then they can not be used for anything material? But you can enjoy them ...


Hochma (wisdom in Hebrew) is not so much wisdom, how much light of the purpose of Creation (Ohr Hochma). He "found" in the General Assembly "P (Gimel Rishonot - in the three upper Sefirot). They can not be used for the material, which is understood to obtain for himself, but because in this world you can enjoy a Earat Funny -. Weak reflection light of the objective, then there is no problem to enjoy the light Chanukah candles. and it is not just possible, but necessary! it does not drop the light of life in this world is impossible!

The possibility of obtaining light of the purpose comes only when we cleanse (egoism, the desire to receive for its own sake) Vessels 7-lower Sephiroth. Actually these vessels become the Light returns. And then you can get the light of the objective, but for the sake of the Creator.

Hanukkah candles symbolize the process. Eight candles - is 7 and the lower Sephiroth Binah ( "transponder" glare light of the objective to lower). A growing number of lit candles - the gradual purification of the vessels. Ignition direction opposite to the direction of increase the number of candles - an allusion to the "Orot Afhiyut Ukiel" Law opposites of light and the vessel. Oil - the desire to receive a wick - spiritual effort. Well-shamash candle is an allusion to the Sephira Funny - the main source of light of the objective.