Seder in Hebrew Procedure. This is the way ..

Hidush Gaon of Vilna (as far as I know, written in the margins of his prayer book) is that the procedure for the study of the Torah (in the broadest sense - all of Jewish religious books, all Jewish teachings). No Pardo "With a Seder It meets one of the main Kabbalistic rules - rule contrasts of light and vessel (more on this subject can be found in the writings of Ashlag Rabbani Well, in my blogs, summaries of these works.).

(I will explain for those who have no clue Pardes is an abbreviation for Pshat-Remez, Drash-SOD or in Russian simple meaning, hint, interpretation and Mystery A Seder is the reverse order -.. Mystery / Sod-Drash / Interpretation and Remez / a hint. and then it becomes clear and simple meaning of what was said).

Baal Azul explained, for those who opens the Torah for the first time - everything is a mystery. The meanings of words are not clear, a temporary chain is interrupted and so on. XB "w Torah may seem like a collection of myths and fairy tales. The same applies to the Talmud, and almost all Jewish books.

(For several years I have been doing that (based on the works of B "C and his son SLAVE" Sha) try to explains the Russian-speaking religious Jews' tastes and senses of "Torah and commandments. For this lack of knowledge can lead man to the commonplace obscurantism).

And now the most delicate moment. I ask readers to note here that I am not in any way want to diminish the importance and significance of the Talmud, Mussar and so on. Just a new tikkun (rectification) come over time. After all, generations are becoming less spiritual, and they need more light and more powerful "medicine". Therefore, in our difficult and dark time - the taste and the meaning of the Torah and the Commandments (Torah Teamey uMitsvot) are the most effective tool. Again, I do not want to belittle the Talmud, but the fact is that a person can simply take the time to study it and do not see a "good sign". Truth it should be noted that all individual, and study of open sections of Kabbalah does not guarantee results (and if wrong approach to learning also have the opposite effect). But going that route gets a chance to flourish spiritually, like an orchard (Pardes literally) and is not far behind at Pere 'e (literally Mule (laden with books)) throwing Sod / Mystery of the general scheme.