Proceedings of the Ar "and Theme tzitzit Part 1 I-Translation and Notes -... M.Gorshteyn.


13) Being in his house, a man wearing tzitzit (tallit Small - Talit Katan), which is the stage of ZA, is in a state Ibur * (Conception) in Bina. And this stage is called His House. On the other hand, coming to House of Assembly (the synagogue, which is the meeting place for all), hereinafter referred to (in the language of spiritual concepts) stage of Malchut, a man wrapped up in the Big tallit, which, together with the Small tallit is a step LP "H (ZA and Malchut ). But at the time, when a person prays, he is not required to be wrapped up in the Big Talit.

The interpretation of the 1st.

Know that tzitzit ** (knotted tassels) is (projection) level of ambient light (Ohr Makif). ZA while staying at Ima (Bina) in secret Ibur (Conception), is nothing else than the degree of BA "K (Vav Ktsavot - six ends, Sephiroth), on which there is no" head "***, nor" shoulder ", is nothing but a mere" body. "And according to this (in our world) are not wrapped or shoulders or head Small tallit.

However, a large tallit wrapped his head, because he is at the corresponding levels of ambient light, which has ten complete Sefirot, in which (in the Partzuf) formed "head and shoulders".

Big Talit comes to Hazeh (Chest), is a big part of the body (or rather the body) of man. The spiritual significance of this lies in the fact that below the chest is the Nukva de ZA ( "hole" or "woman" - she is Malchut Mesaemet - the final stage of the received light) and, accordingly, there is no stage of the Bolshoi Talitha (ie, ambient light). Therefore, in our world, women are exempt from the commandments be wrapped up in the Talit.


* Ibur (Conception) - the first stage of gaining light;

** tzitzit - brush with specific nodules, which are commanded to be tied to the corners of the rectangular cut of clothes;

*** All these anthropomorphisms (head, body, arms, etc.) there are symbols of parts of the Partzuf and spiritual processes. Say Head - theoretical calculation, body - receive practical and so forth.

To be continued...