Proceedings of the Ar "and Theme tzitzit Part 2 I Translation and Notes -... M.Gorshteyn.


... And because of that * took the Sages make "atifat Ishmael" ** Cover the front of the Bolshoi Talit. Throws behind two brushes tzitzit, located on the right, so that they are connected (in the back) with two brushes, with the seat on the left. This happens behind the chest, in the place of the beginning of the Nukva. Also Rabbeinu Saadia (Gaon) explains it. And it is good and right to do so. And at least remain ukutanym so as to go through four steps while putting on A large Talit, and then remove the cover from the neck. So did my teacher (ie teacher Baal aSulyama), of blessed memory. *** And here to explain the theme of the four (brushes) tzitzit surrounding Nukva.


* In fact, I'm not quite clear on what kind of reason;

** Example of how to make the "atifat Ishmael" - a reference;

*** Then there is added a clarification, but it is written in such complex and confusing language that I find it difficult to translate it into Russian in as something accessible form. And truth be told, I do not yet fully understand it.