Who, who and why?

To avoid most of the philosophical and religious disputes, enough to understand what (of the great and wise), to whom and for what purpose was saying.

Almost never say everything at once, and in plain language. Almost always they say understanding and hints. So that they make an effort, but fools do not know * what can not "digest".

The smaller the difference between the literal and the inner meaning of the words, the wider and more primitive audience. After all, the bottom and the bottom of any of the social pyramid, comprise the "simplest" of varying gradations.

And sometimes ignorant say obviously wrong (in terms of the essence of) things. ** After all, other than to induce them to do something?

But there is another side to the coin. Among the teachers there are people of different levels. One "closed the mouth", the other "rose, he saw and did not understand" *** and the third understood and conveyed in a language that was understood only by his contemporaries ****.

And only a few of the sages of our time ***** can be clearly understood. Provided that they want to understand them and attach to this effort.


* Not available in view of the intellectual level. We are talking about stupidity, as a reward desired;

** For example, in the Shulchan Aruch it is often said, "Do so and you'll get a reward, do not do syak and escape punishment." If amaretsov not stimulate them in an accessible form - they not lift a finger;

*** There is an analogy: Imagine that you saw bizarre, previously unknown mechanism. What we see through his eyes, and can even describe, it does not bring us closer to an understanding of the purpose and principles of this mechanism;

**** The investigation rules opposites of light and the vessel. The Halacha most accurate early scribes, but in Kabbalah - later;

***** An abundance of books and sages in each generation is explained Wh fact that each generation is more clear contemporary language. Knowing this, the Arizal izyasnyalsya language of geometry, because his works are addressed to our generations, which are susceptible to a scientific presentation.