In principle, the theory of "nistara" * works well in our time. At least on what that level. He sits back some sort of "grandfather" in the back row of the synagogue - amarets ** amaretsom. Around comes to vodka pull on Saturday morning. But no! Encrypted. A man with a big heart and great knowledge. Hiding all this from the real boobs. Boobs because that? Make for yourself a carved handle him kiss. So that's ruining the honor of great men. If I do not know anything, and do no harm.

Yesterday heard a great Drash, the name of Rav, which no one knows his name, and even I do not remember, to my shame.

He comes to the Hasidic Rebbe. And he asked him - if you want to take a sack of potatoes, 30 kg of weight and bring it to the top of the hill here?

What for..? - surprised Hasid. He's heavy! Hasid rabbi then said - look at me. I am a person full, I have 30 kg of extra weight. But they are mine and I'm not hard with them.

That's commandments must be our ...

Beautiful, huh? And is not that the vulgar, carried by popular artists from the religious stage. we will not poke a finger ..


* Nistara (. Hidden Hebrew) - the sages and saints do not advertise themselves;

** Amarets - Am ha-Aretz (Hebrew people of the land.) - ignorant people.